Celebrate Forever Marriage Course


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What you will discover

1. Why you should take this course
2. The heart of a healthy marriage is personal responsibility
3. How healthy your relationship is today

The great American poet Robert Browning once said, “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” Congratulations on beginning the Celebrate Forever Marriage Course! What an amazing journey the two of you have begun! As you have probably already figured out, marriage is the most significant, wonderful, intense relationship you will ever experience. We couldn’t be more thrilled to help you acquire the skills needed to succeed in your marriage. Marriage is incredible, and what makes it incredible is the conflict it naturally creates and how that can make you a stronger couple.

Marriage often gets beat up in the media, misunderstood, and often devalued because of the hurt it can cause people. Divorce is rampant, fewer and fewer people are choosing marriage, but still, marriage is the key foundation to any civilization. When marriages are healthy, neighborhoods are healthy. When marriages are healthy, communities are healthy. When marriages are healthy, entire countries are healthy! When marriages are healthy, the entire planet is healthy!

Kevin and Gloria Lu began the Celebrate Forever Foundation to equip its members and the public with the education, skills, technology and resources they need to create lasting healthy relationships and families that can be celebrated forever. Our goal for this marriage study is to give you the skills, insights, and knowledge necessary to truly celebrate your marriage forever!

Recently the Lu’s were watching CNN during a long and troublesome layover in London. They missed their flight back home to California. To say the least, they were not happy about being stuck trying to get on the next flight back to their home.

But there was something more important waiting for them that day. While watching CNN, there was a big debate going on between a man and a woman. The Lu’s can’t remember what was being debated that day, but they do remember HOW each person was debating. There was yelling, interrupting, and chaos during the heated discussion. At one point, the people debating went nose to nose with each other, literally pointing fingers to the point their finger tips were almost touching! It made the Lu’s uncomfortable watching them scream and yell at each other. All they wanted was to relax and pass the time in peace.

Then it hit them! This is the problem with relationships today. Too much yelling, too much blaming, too much pointing the finger at everyone else and too little pointing the finger at ourselves.

Kevin and Gloria are in the wedding dress business. Their company, Casablanca Bridal, is a wholesale dress company selling thousands of exquisite dresses globally a year. But their passion is not about selling wedding gowns, it’s about helping couples truly celebrate marriages forever! They want every bride who wears one of their dresses to experience wearing a gorgeous gown and a marriage of their dreams.

Many little girls dream about their wedding day and the “happily ever after”. Too many of those same little girls’ have their marriage dreams turn into nightmares because of avoidable issues like the man and woman debating on CNN. If you want your relationship to succeed long after the beautiful wedding dress is put in storage, then you must learn the secrets to loving well so you can celebrate forever.

An important study affirmed relationship education when it found that if a couple completed a full course, even if they were not doing well, 90 percent of them were still together and significantly happier 2 years after the program. (Bray and Jouriles, “Treatment of Marital Conflict and Prevention of Divorce.”)

This is why Kevin and Gloria chose us, Michael and Amy Smalley, founders of the Smalley Institute and Smalley Intensive Care for Couples program, to help develop this marriage course for seriously dating or engaged couples. We believe in marriage, and we want you to experience the relationship of your dreams. Like any dream, to make it a reality it will take knowledge and skills. You are going to gain both of these in this online course.

Great relationships are no accident, they take work. You need the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the ups and downs of your relationship’s journey through life. If you want to succeed, to be happy together, then keep moving forward and apply all you learn in this course to your relationship.

The key elements of the Smalley Intensive Care for Couples program are what make up the heart of this course. Since 2001, couples from across the globe have participated in the intensive program. The Smalley Institute works hard at identifying and learning what it takes to help couples experience the relationship of their dreams, no matter what they’ve experienced together.