Who We Are

Celebrate Forever is a faith driven non-profit organization based in Southern California with a national partnership and reach. Celebrate Forever has a global cause to become a premier provider of relationship education and an enabler of social change through the creation of world-class resources for individuals, couples in relationships and in the end, the world. We have secured world-class, strategic partnerships in relationship expertise including:

  • Best-selling authors
  • Nationwide community campaign leaders equipped to strengthen relationships
  • World-class network of relationship experts

We believe true change in relationships starts from an individual – “It starts from me, Change me first™.”

How it all began

Kevin and Gloria Lu began the Celebrate Forever Foundation to equip its members and the public with the education, skills, technology, and resources they need to create lasting healthy relationships and families that can be celebrated forever.

the fairy tale does not have to end on the wedding day. the dream wedding can be the beginning of a dream marriage.

The wedding day is a celebration of two individuals committing themselves to live a happy, wonderful life together. Wedding days are a dream come true. Until days after, when the moment is gone, and that “happily ever after” feeling fades and daily life becomes a routine. However, it is possible for a couple to learn the secrets to loving well so they can truly celebrate forever together. Our goal is to give every person the skills, insights, and knowledge necessary to truly celebrate forever in their significant relationships!

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