The Personality Interpretation

Your Personality:

The Lion

Relational Strengths: Takes charge. Problem solver. Competitive. Enjoys change. Confrontational. Strengths Out of Balance: Too direct or impatient. Too busy. Cold blooded. Impulsive or takes big risks. Insensitive to others. Communication Style: Direct or blunt. One-way. Weakness: Not as good a listener. Relational Needs: Personal attention & recognition for what they do. Areas where he or she can be in charge. Opportunity to solve problems. Freedom to change. Challenging activities. Relational Balance: Add softness. Become a great listener.

The Otter

Relational Strengths: Optimistic. Energetic. Motivators. Future-oriented. Strengths Out of Balance: Unrealistic or day-dreamer. Impatient or overbearing. Manipulator or pushy. Avoids details or lacks follow-through. Communication Style: Can inspire others. Optimistic or enthusiastic. One-way. Weakness: High energy can manipulate others. Relational Needs: Approval. Opportunity to verbalize. Visibility. Social recognition. Relational Balance: Be attentive to mate’s needs. There is such a thing as too much optimism.

The Golden Retriever

Relational Strengths: Warm & Relational. Loyal. Enjoys Routine. Peace-Maker. Sensitive Feelings. Strengths Out of Balance: Attract the hurting. Missed opportunities. Stays in a rut. Sacrifice own feelings for harmony. Easily hurt or holds a grudge. Communication Style: Indirect. Two-way. Great listener. Weakness: Uses too many words or provides too many details. Relational Needs: Emotional security. Agreeable Environment. Relational Balance: Learn to say “NO” … establish emotional boundaries. Learn to confront when own feelings are hurt.

The Beaver

Relational Strengths: Accurate and precise. Quality control. Discerning. Analytical. Strengths Out of Balance: Too critical or too strict. Too controlling. Too negative of new opportunities. Lose overview. Communication Style: Factual. Two-way. Great listener (tasks). Weakness: Desire for detail and precision can frustrate others. Relational Needs: Quality. Exact expectations. Relational Balance: Total support is not always possible. Thorough explanation isn’t everything.